Agri-Food Tech Readiness Program Achieves Remarkable Success

Mana Tech has orchestrated an extraordinary entrepreneurial feat, catapulting its inaugural ventures program to unprecedented heights.

Jun 22, 2023 · 2 Minute Read

Over the last three months, Mana Tech and Base Miami proudly emerged triumphant with their Agri-Food Tech Readiness program in partnership with Koi Ventures and sponsored by DLA Piper and Microsoft. Led by Etienne Gillard, Head of Ventures, the program identified the most exceptional Agri-Food tech startups across the region out of the portfolio of the top 50 Latam VCs.

The team handpicked 11 unique Series-A stage Latin American startups to participate in the first remote, free-of-charge, and no strings attached, US and International Investor Readiness Program.

Throughout the program, experts hosted webinars covering various topics, including pitching to US and international investors, growth strategies, what US impact investors seek, legal and financial preparation, and more. These experts provided invaluable guidance and knowledge to the founders, enriching their entrepreneurial journey. The primary objective for the founders was to gain insights into the mindset of US investors and understand the critical elements to emphasize in their pitches.

The online Demo Day attracted over 300 attendees, bringing in investors from all over the world. Investors have already requested 47 introductions, indicating a potential total investment exceeding $20 million. This success solidifies the Agri-Food Tech Readiness Program as a resounding achievement.

If you missed Demo Day, you still have time to watch the pitches and request an intro with the founders. Here is the link to the event platform.

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